Post-Acute Based Services

For long-term care and senior living facilities, a clinical partnership with Alpha Bridge represents a unique opportunity to enhance your building’s service capabilities, depth of staffing, administrative efficiency, marketability and, importantly, bottom line performance.

For example, working on-site directly with your permanent staff, Alpha Bridge Clinicians, including both Board-certified physicians and advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs), provide an added measure of high-value, cost-effective support, while enhancing clinical competency and helping to reduce the burden on over-taxed attending physicians.

Functioning as part of your team, Alpha Bridge Clinicians also –

• Facilitate early medical intervention
• Enhance prompt coverage for unexpected medical episodes
• Provide coordination of services when required
• Smooth customer transitions from admission to discharge
• Contribute directly to your efforts to reduce unnecessary and costly re-hospitalizations
• Represent a source of both formal and informal mentoring for licensed staff

Our advanced registered nurse practitioners play a particularly large role in the Alpha Bridge-Provider relationship. Licensed, independent professionals with advanced education and clinical training well beyond their roles as registered nurses, each ARNP has earned board certification in geriatric, primary or acute care or other medical specialty and is qualified to practice in any setting.

Most important, ARNPs bring a unique holistic blend of nursing, medical care, health education and counseling capabilities to your customers, focusing on both care and cure. Typical services may include —

• Performing health evaluations, including physical exams
• Ordering, conducting and interpreting results of lab and diagnostics tests
• Diagnosing and treating a wide range of acute and chronic conditions
• Individualized care planning
• Providing skilled nursing and palliative care
• Wound care and pain management
• Prescribing durable medical equipment and assistive devices
• Medication management
• Making referrals and arranging consultations for physical and occupational therapy and specialist care
• Coordinating and collaborating with other care providers, home health services and community resources
• Ordering health screenings and prescribing vaccinations and other preventive therapies
• Dietary planning and exercise programs
• Conducting health risk assessments
• Teaching and counseling individuals and family members on self-care and health promotion activities

In the absence of a personal physician, here in Florida an Alpha Bridge advanced registered nurse practitioner may even serve as an individual’s primary health care provider, authorized to provide comprehensive care management, prescribe medications and admit to hospitals.

The values go above and beyond

The potential quality valuation, competitive positioning and other differentiating marketing advantages associated with an Alpha Bridge-Provider partnership are no less impressive, among them —

• Positive impact on CMS star-ratings, official surveys, awards and other objective quality assessments
• Broad recognition of ARNPs as expert caregivers reflects the provider’s quality orientation and commitment to excellence
• Embodiment of the person-centered care that is central to success
• Demonstration of the provider’s responsiveness and customer service focus
• Increased customer and family satisfaction levels
• Extended and enhanced relationships between facilities, their residents, and discharged customers and their families

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