Home Based Services

For many of your customers, including those who are returning to your facility after a hospital stay, have been discharged to home following a period of rehabilitation or require care for an ongoing health condition or issue, Alpha Bridge Clinicians and Alpha Bridge Home Health offer a host of benefits.

First and foremost, simply being in their personal residences, in warm, familiar surroundings is a welcome source of comfort, convenience and increased satisfaction for the majority of individuals and families. As you well know, for the elderly, frail or those lacking regular transportation, the ability to receive basic medical attention without needing to wait for a doctor appointment or visit a distant medical office can be particularly important. In fact, in some instances it could spell the difference between maintaining relative independence and the debilitating prospect of limited recovery or unnecessary re-hospitalizations.

Moreover, Alpha Bridge home-based services —

• Provide improved safety and assured quality of care
• Promote greater continuity of care
• Offer unmatched experience with elderly populations
• Are highly responsive, accessible and convenient
• Facilitate open, honest communication
• Enable customers to better recognize when early intervention is needed
• Help avoid unnecessary hospitalization, transition to higher levels of care and/or emergency room use
• Reduce the physical, emotional, and financial burden on at-home caregivers
• Are extremely cost-effective; covered by most insurance companies and managed care plans

Dedicated to health care excellence on all levels, it is also worth noting that
Alpha Bridge Home Health meets all appropriate CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Program) standards of quality and performance excellence.

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