If you are a healthcare professional or senior care provider – hospital, clinic, home health agency, independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing facility operator – you’re well aware that patients, residents and rehab discharges often require extended care to advance recovery or best manage an ongoing medical condition. Understandably, it’s care that you may not always have the staffing, specializations or scheduling flexibility to provide.

In these instances, Alpha Bridge represents an exceptional clinical partnership resource, helping to ensure your customers’ optimum health and quality of life, while enhancing your services, outcomes, satisfaction levels and bottom line.

Our highly-skilled team of physicians, advanced registered nurse practitioners, registered nurses, associated SigmaLink Rehab therapists and other specialists deliver a comprehensive range of diagnostic, treatment, nursing, clinical and support services, either in your facility or in your customers’ own homes. Schedules are customizable… monthly, weekly and daily. In fact, Alpha Bridge’s integrated services are available as often as needed, when and wherever your needs arise.

For physician practices, Alpha Bridge also offers a unique collaborative opportunity, providing billing, collection, reporting, compliance and other demanding administrative services, freeing physicians to focus exclusively on their care giving responsibilities.

Comprehensive consulting services are yet another Alpha Bridge option available to owners, operators and managers of skilled nursing facilities, CCRCs and home health care agencies. With over 30 years of experience and industry leadership, we can provide support and guidance related to compliance and regulatory issues, protocol development and adjustment, as well as survey preparation and corrective planning.

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