Clinician Services

Alpha Bridge Clinicians (also known as Alpha Bridge Connections) is comprised of leading physicians and advanced registered nurse practitioners who provide comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, skilled nursing and related services in your home or a senior residence. Working in collaboration with your personal physician, our highly trained, experienced clinicians plan, deliver and direct each individual’s personalized care program.

Virtually all levels of care are included among our many services, from per- forming basic physical exams to diagnosing and treating complex acute and chronic conditions. When appropriate, we will also coordinate rehab therapy and personal assistance though our partnership with SigmaLink Rehab and Alpha Bridge Home Health Care.

A unique level of care and caring

If you do not have a personal physician, are looking to change doctors, lack transportation or your ability to access medical care outside the home is limited, the value of Alpha Bridge Clinicians’ services can’t be overestimated.

All of our dedicated physicians are Board-certified and have long experience caring for the needs of older adults. In fact, many are medical directors at our Opis senior care centers. Most also operate successful private practices. In addition to primary care and internal medicine, the Alpha Bridge Clinicians team also includes highly-trained physician specialists in the most widely used medical disciplines.

Our comprehensive clinical capabilities are extended and further enhanced by an exceptional group of advanced registered nurse practitioners.

Licensed, independent professionals with education and clinical training well beyond their roles as registered nurses, each has earned national board certification in geriatric, primary care, acute care or other medical specialty and is qualified to practice in any setting. As such, they bring a unique holistic blend of nursing, clinical care, health education and counseling capabilities to Alpha Bridge customers, including —

  • Collaborating with your personal physician, serving as an extension of his or care in your own home or one of a growing number of senior living facilities that partner with Alpha Bridge
  • Performing health evaluations, including physical exams
  • Ordering, conducting and interpreting results of lab and diagnostics tests
  • Diagnosing and treating a wide range of acute and chronic conditions
  • Individualized care planning
  • Providing skilled nursing and palliative care
  • Wound care and pain management
  • Medication management
  • Ordering health screenings and prescribing vaccinations and other preventive therapies
  • Dietary planning and exercise programs
  • Conducting health risk and home safety assessments
  • Teaching and counseling customers and family members on self-care and health promotion activities

In fact, here in Florida, an Alpha Bridge advanced nurse practitioner is able to serve as an individual’s primary health care provider, authorized to provide comprehensive care management, prescribe medications and even admit to hospitals.

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